Thursday, April 30, 2009


I've been having a lot of dreams these past few nights that involve me with piercings...and also escaping death from people that are trying to capture me. idk. but seriously, every dream involves me being "piss in my pants" scared for my life. *shrugs* back to the piercings. The other night I had a lip ring; it sounds typical, but let me elaborate. this lip ring had a chain that like led to my earring on my ear. disgusting. anyways, in that dream, I also had a piercing on my weenis (sp? weenus) whatever, the skin under my elbow basically. Last night I had more normal piercings. I had a nose piercing and another lip ring...without the chain. Sooo, is this a sign that I should get the piercing that I've wanted, or my subconscious telling me I want the piercing? 

Haha. You just read a whole post on my crazy dreams and desire for piercings. I apologize. :)

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  1. i just looked up "weenus" in the urban dictionary. this is what is said:

    The skin on your elbows. It can be stretched out, and, like a penis, you can compare the size of it to others.

    It is a flap of skin.
    It holds your elbows in.
    It sounds like penis,
    But it is weenus,
    Oh, Yes, It is!!!

    *haha....i think you should definitely go for a weenus piercing. lol, that sounds so funny to me!