Monday, April 6, 2009

lesson learned

it's about 45 minutes before my first exam of the week. glorious! i'm too lazy to lift an extra finger and capitalize properly in this post. i'm that tired...or lazy. take your pick. 

this past weekend, UT hosted the Texas Relays. i don't remember this occurring in the past 2 idk? apparently it's the most dangerous weekend to choose to go to 6th. why, you ask? the gangsta hoodlums fill the streets. most of the attendants of Texas Relays are in high school and can't get into bars/clubs. wtf are they doing on 6th? they're just standing around, smoking, staring, causing fear in others! the streets are packed with guys in sagging pants, sunglasses at night, dressed like soulja boy, and hoochie mamma girls in bright neon colors and big earrings. excuse my stereotyping, i'm just angry about the happenings of this past saturday. i think if it takes me 15 minutes to walk from one corner to the next b/c you and your "bitches" are standing around and doing nothing and using 6th as a hangout place, then LEAVE. that and the fact that everytime a fight broke out, or someone pulled out a gun, they ran like crazy. imagine a mass herd of cattle running around in all directions, trampling us smaller asians who aren't aware of what to do in these situations. maybe they're skilled in the art of escaping danger, but i'm sure as hell not. needless to say, i got shoved into brick walls when these cattle were herded. my friend (and it was also her bday) got trampled on pretty much. she got knocked to the ground and had scrapes on her back. why? bc some idiot pretended to pull out a gun to scare ppl for fun. dumbasses. i'm sorry, but this is only feeding fire to the stereotypes that are already upon you. grow up! 

lesson: no more 6th during Texas Relays. 

this in no way reflects how i feel about a particular race, rather a particular group of people. 


  1. "glorious!" lol

    it's actually Texas Relays......and yeah its scary thats why I stayed in

  2. oh man...haha! ok, i won't conform. but i'd be afraid of those girls too. and in a situation like that i would be expected to do the "protecting." i need some street cred tiffany. ahhh hahahahha