Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I Refuse!!!

Warning, spoiler and possible ranting ahead. 

I was watching Sex and the City, the movie, with my roommates and came to the realization that I hate the Big and Carrie duo. For those of you who have never seen the series, here's a brief rundown. The series is about the (sex) lives of 4 women who are best friends and live in NY. Sarah Jessica Parker plays Carrie Bradshaw who is a writer for this newspaper column. Basically the column is about love, relationships, men, etc. Throughout the 7 seasons of the show, Carrie has her share of men come in and out of her life, but one in particular (James Preston Scott aka Big) bounces in and out A LOT. They get together, break up, she has men in between, repeat cycle. Well, in the movie, Carrie and Big are together and about to get married and the fool backs out. I'm thinking, this is it. The end of Big and Carrie part 12 or something, but no, she freaking ends up with him. SHE ENDS UP WITH HIM. I hate this movie. It is an all too realistic dramatization of my love life, except, I don't want to end up with Big! Why would the writers do this? She ends up with the asshole that's screwed her over soooo many times and marries him. I can't help but shout at the screen, "NO CARRIE, why are you taking him back?! WTF are you doing, woman?!" And then I realize I should've asked myself the same question all those times in the past. 

*Sighs* yes, The Fast and the Furious is on. Gimme some of Vin Diesel and Paul Walker over Big any day. 

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  1. yep, this is why its a SHOW. Also just some background information, the writers of Sex and the City do not know what the heck they're talking about. The author of He's Just Not That Into You is their male perspective and the reason why he wrote the book in the first place is because he was visiting the writers of Sex and the City and this acclaimed writer for this award winning show is having relationships problems herself that are so SIMPLE. Therefore, my conclusion is, Sex and the City is just emulation of their lives and what THEY want to happen. The end.