Friday, February 20, 2009

bad student

I seriously question what happened to the motivation I had for school last semester. Instead of writing a 4 page paper that is due tomorrow, I'm idly sitting here...well now I'm typing this blog, but you get the point. 

Now I've found this interesting article I'd like to share!

PROOF that guys are jerks and just look at girls as objects! ok, i'm being a hater at the same time, but I find it interesting that there's researched evidence on the fact that when a man sees a scantily dressed woman, the area of his brain that fires is associated with "handling tools" and "permforming actions" (no wordplay intended). Apparently, these reactions are below the level of consciousness, and that action words such as "grab" and "handle" naturally surface in their minds. I think guys just aren't able to think logically in the presence of a hot girl. period. 

Example. Guy sees what he thinks is a "hot" girl. Guy's lower head is saying one thing, and guy's other head is saying THE SAME THING. Conclusion, Guy fucks up a relationship by going after sluttily dressed sorority girl. 

man there's a lot of hate going on in my head after what I just wrote. hopefully, and soon, I won't be drawn towards writing these angry blogs...but for now, I am a woman with scorn!!

Monday, February 2, 2009


I'm going crazy.

The End.