Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Carnivore v. Vegetarian

According to this article, eating too much red meat is not so great for your health and can cause early death. WTF?! What's next? Chocolate will give me cancer? It just seems like there are always new studies rolling out with the next "bad" thing. Normally, I'm the paranoid type that listens, but in this case, NO WAY! I can't possibly ever give up red meat. Maybe pork and chicken, but hearty, flavorful medium rare steaks? Yea, no. 

Just the other day I had a friend come over to my apt. to have dinner with me and the roomies. He's vegan, so we made food to accommodate. He brought over a mushroom and coconut stir-fry, and we made eggplant tofu parmesan (minus the parmesan obviously), and steamed broccoli. It was the most torturous meal I've endured. I forced down every bite to finish my plate in hopes of not making my friend feel uncomfortable. You know what all those dishes were missing? MEAT! We went out for vegan ice cream for dessert and let me just say, ice cream is not the same without milk. How...why...I can't even wrap my mind around this as a choice of lifestyle. 

So, kudos to the vegans and vegetarians who will live longer! I'll cut my life short and enjoy being a carnivore :) 

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring Break!

Yay for my first "wild" college spring break :) South Padre was amazing, even if 2 out of the 3 days it was 50-60 degree weather. Being the genius that I am, I fell asleep on the beach on our last day. Currently paying for it with the most painful sunburn of MY LIFE. Seriously, my thighs and entire stomach are bright red. If you put your hand around my skin, you can feel the heat coming off of it! :( Well worth it though for all the partying, kite flying, parasailing and getting smacked by ginormous waves.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Kids say crazy stuff

About a month ago, I began volunteering at a clinic called KidWorks Therapy. I love it there! The kids are adorable, and the occupational therapists are all so friendly! :) Makes me really wanna finish school so I can start doing what they're doing. 

Anyways, I was observing one of the sessions today with a boy named Connor. (I know, names should be anonymous, but it ties into the story :X) The OT leading his session is pregnant, and as I'm observing, I witness the funniest thing I've heard a kid say in a while. 

Connor: Miss, is your baby gonna be a boy or a girl?
OT: It's gonna be a girl. Why do you ask, Connor?
Connor: Can I name her, Miss? Pleeeease!!! 
OT: *chuckles and plays along* Of course you can. What would you name her?
Connor: Well, I really like my name, but she can't have it. Connor's a boy's name. So i'll make it into a girl's name. 
OT: Oh really? What would be my daughter's name then?
Connor: Mmmm.....CONNOREA! 

Totally not expecting that. HAHAHA. *sigh* Kids are awesome! 

Friday, March 6, 2009


Seriously though, TGI freaking F! This beautiful weather sort of makes up for the lousy week I had. That, plus the fact that there's some pretty nice eye candy that's sitting across from me while i'm eating lunch on the patio ;) apparently i DO know how to eye flirt, Mimi. HA. 

Aside from the normal stresses of exams, this week has an added bonus! Drama fo yo mamma with a roommate! YAYYYY!!! Let's just say that I got called out for apparently stealing one of their hair clips (which I didn't) and was told how much it bothers her that I take said hair clips, which I don't. Icing on the cake, she wrote this all in a letter and slipped it under my door. WTFWTFWTF!!!! I then treated her with the same respect she gave me and wrote her a letter stating how I did not appreciate accusations for something I didn't do, and how she didn't verify the facts before pretty much lashing her crazy fury at me. Geez, let me just slip $1.00 under your door. Go buy yourself a new damn clip. 

Eye candy has left the building :( There is no longer any reason for me to eat lunch here. Bye!! haha