Saturday, April 3, 2010

Breath of Life

The sun hung high above, wrapping the groups of people at Hamilton Pool in its heat. The site was something to marvel at. A cave surrounded a cascading waterfall that splashed below into a small watering hole, serving as the perfect outlet to cool off. The air was full of excitement as everyone enjoyed one of the first few weekends of amazing weather in Austin. The sounds of laughter and water splashing filled my ears as I bathed in the sun's warmth. The day took a turn for the worst as I heard shouts for help. I sat up in confusion to see the face of a panic-stricken man saying his friend had not resurfaced. My initial thought was, "Oh, haha, very funny," but when I saw strangers running and diving in, I knew then that no joke was being played. I stood around the waterfront amongst others, eagerly awaiting the minute when someone would surface with another man in his arms. 5 minutes passed...10....15.....The atmosphere grew more tense with every minute that ticked by. Nothing. I glanced at his older brother, empathizing with pain and sadness in my heart. He wailed in agony, calling desperately for his brother to reappear, magnifying my feelings tenfold. After what seemed like ages of silence, the chopping sounds of helicopter blades interrupted. A rescue team appeared not long after. I looked back as we were leaving, unsatisfied with how the events unfolded. God reminded me of how fleeting life on Earth really is. The breath of life that keeps you going can be gone in mere seconds. Breathe in...breathe out...breathe peace.


Peace be with his family