Thursday, April 2, 2009


I normally volunteer 6 hrs on Thursdays at the clinic, but today, that 6 hrs felt like eternity!! This day was hands down the most stressful, hectic, and ironically, the biggest reality check. In trying to keep my boss happy, I made 3 runs to Walmart today. That's right, 3. Mind you, I do not get reimbursed for gas. I don't get paid period. I am the lowest of the lows. One of those volunteers you see in movies that runs around getting coffee for the office, buying her boss socks (check that one off the list), etc. On top of that, the kids were extra crazy today! The little girl I worked with today was autistic. Let's refer to her as Child A. I think Child A was a big reminder that the career I'm getting into is not always fun and games with kids. In fact, she tested my patience and left me sitting there wondering, "WTF do I do?!" She swallowed the 2 pieces of gum I gave her, and has an attention/focusing problem which made it impossible for me to interact with her properly.

I need a cocktail....and a pedicure.


  1. did you say cocktail?.....meeeee too. are you awake? let's go get one now. :)

    that's cool that you're volunteering, seems like fun (on a normal day)

  2. aww poor tee lok. aja aja! you can do it :D