Saturday, May 23, 2009

Congrats Class of 2009

Graduations mark the end of another year. Yesterday, I went to my first UT graduation for my roommate, Candy. It was a nice way to end the year, regardless of the events that occurred. Now I'm ready to just bum around and hibernate my days away. I'm sure I'll get tired of that after a week. As for summer plans, my bumming will be done in Houston, and then 2 weeks in California. :) yay!!! I finally get to try In-N-Out Burger!! and shop at H&M!! Not even comparable to my friends that will be in Geneva, New York, China?! Possible bummage will occur in Austin here and there when I get really bored. I should find a job. Too bad our economy won't even provide me with a simple retail job. :( 

Btw, I'm currently blogging in a Panera Bread in Dallas. Dallas is boring. LOL. It's a more boring and suburbian version of Houston. Seriously....boonies. Bars here are lame too. I'm spoiled. 6th street provide a whole slew of bars free of cover. Here....$10-20 cover and the most whack crowd you could imagine. This iced coffee and bagel is gross. Time to go exploring....and finish this episode of my drama :) 

Monday, May 4, 2009


In my Family Resource Management class, we recently went over the topic of multitasking in the American society. Interestingly enough, multitasking is actually counterproductive. You would spend less time and be more thorough if you just did the 2 things separately. As my professor is lecturing, I'm thinking, "Nope, not me, I'm a great multitasker." Or so I thought until I discovered today that I can't walk and text at the same time. I stepped in a dead bird, and then tripped on a crack in the sidewalk immediately after.