Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Break my heart for what breaks Yours

His frailty became more apparent as my car slowed to a stop and my headlights blared straight ahead, casting light on his appearance. He held up no sign, just an ungloved hand on a chilly night, waving hello to oncoming drivers who lined up behind me waiting for the light to show green. The scent of my leftover Pluckers wings hit my nose as I stared at the homeless man with scraggly gray hair and arms that looked smaller than mine. I thought to myself, "There's probably $8 worth of uneaten wings in that box. What do I do?" And then I many more times is that man going to stand here as the light turns green and cars drive past without giving him a second thought? My heart broke for this man that I didn't even know, a man that I would probably never see again. I rolled down the window and the cold air bit at my face, such a stark contrast from the coziness of my car. I handed him the small container and his face broke into the biggest grin of missing white teeth that stood out against his dark skin. My face couldn't help but mirror his. The light switched from red to green, and I drove away knowing he would enjoy those wings so much more than I ever could...I drove away thanking God for giving me the opportunity to bless someone else the way He blesses me everyday.

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