Friday, March 6, 2009


Seriously though, TGI freaking F! This beautiful weather sort of makes up for the lousy week I had. That, plus the fact that there's some pretty nice eye candy that's sitting across from me while i'm eating lunch on the patio ;) apparently i DO know how to eye flirt, Mimi. HA. 

Aside from the normal stresses of exams, this week has an added bonus! Drama fo yo mamma with a roommate! YAYYYY!!! Let's just say that I got called out for apparently stealing one of their hair clips (which I didn't) and was told how much it bothers her that I take said hair clips, which I don't. Icing on the cake, she wrote this all in a letter and slipped it under my door. WTFWTFWTF!!!! I then treated her with the same respect she gave me and wrote her a letter stating how I did not appreciate accusations for something I didn't do, and how she didn't verify the facts before pretty much lashing her crazy fury at me. Geez, let me just slip $1.00 under your door. Go buy yourself a new damn clip. 

Eye candy has left the building :( There is no longer any reason for me to eat lunch here. Bye!! haha


  1. Why Is my name in this? And my name isn't capitalized! Did I ever tell you that you couldn't eye flirt?? I knows I can. Hehe... HAHAHA! It's so much fun, and you don't have to think about what you have to say 'cause it's all in the eyes...

    I TOLD YOU PUT A DOLLAR WITH THAT LETTER! Either that or just go buy some damn clips for the girl. You used the wrong "buy." You put "by." Um... You put... "...and how much it bother her that I TAKE SAID HAIR CLIPS..." That's all I really noticed.. I am going to chat with you now.

  2. I think if I tried to eye flirt it will somehow turn into one of my retarded thanks.

    roommate drama is no fun :[ it's JUST a hair even if you did take it it's NOT THAT big of a deal.